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Will Congress revive with Trio's? High command dares bold decisions!

Major political parties at the national level are busy with their strategies to play in ensuing elections in the key state Uttar Pradesh now under BJP rule. As BJP led government headed by Mr. Yogi Adithyanath is confident of coming to power in the second term despite allegations of failure in handling COVID-19 situation and inefficacy of keeping peaceful situations by controlling law and order in the state, he could manage at the high command not to step down. He returned from Delhi with more confidence and began his efforts to create a road map for next elections.   

Meanwhile the Congress party is also awake and preparing for the elections that are to be held in five states including UP, Punjab, and Gujarat. The party could at last appoint Mr. Sidhu as PCC chief in Punjab after a long bitter infighting in the party between chief minister Captain Amarainder Singh and Navjot Singh Sidhu. Political circuits see this step as a bold decision from Ms. Sonia Gandhi, an interim president signaling they won't spare even seniors to override the party and also an indication that it prefers young talented people to head the party in the states to regain its past glory.

In this order, the high command appointed Mr. A.Revanth Reddy, MP from Malkajgiri in Hyderabad as Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Chief despite many complaints and dissidences from most senior partymen. Now in the party, the trio Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, and Rahul Gandhi are taking bold decisions in consultations with some loyalists with a strong will to bring erstwhile fame to the party.  

At the same time, it is significant that Rahul Gandhi also seems to have rebounded from his lagness. In a brief chit chat with social media members of the party, he had recently delivered a strong message to party leaders. “We want only fearless people in the party. There are more fearless people outside who are interested in coming to the party.  We need such people who work for the Congress without fear. If anybody who fears anything is in the party, they may go out, they can run to RSS or BJP whatever they want. This much I can give the message,” he said. Observers see that Rahul has cited this message to his friends Jyothiraditya Scindia and Jatin Prasada. 


Observing the alignment of the committees in above both states,the trio prefers youngsters to steer the party. They also focused on Uttar Pradesh to find suitable horses that could lead the party to victory with considerable seats in assembly in 2022 and parliament elections in 2024. Of course, Ms. Priyanka Gandhi, as general secretary of the party, is always there to monitor things and to face BJP, undermining its comments describing them as ineffective leaders. Priyanka vigorously attacked BJP on these comments. 

They seem very persistent this time to retain Punjab and to west Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh mainly.  As far as UP is concerned, Ms. Priyanka Gandhi signalled that their party is ready to be in alliance with any party with open mindedness and called other parties too for such a mind to keep BJP away from power.  At the same time, high command is trying to embrace senior loyalists in the interest of the party. 


After the Punjab episode, high command may focus on Rajasthan where there is a tussle between a senior, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and a young leader, Sachin Pilot. Anyhow, Congress high command is trying to come back on track.  Many in the party expecting such bold decisions may come out from the high command in the days to come.

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