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Why the new policy on progeny particularly in those states?

Population issues always become a thing to debate. Sometimes policy makers support family planning with one or two children  and other times more progeny.  In India policy makers encouraged  'one or two children'  policy and announced incentives also to those sticking to the policy confining two children. In the meanwhile the biggest populated country, China, worried about their growing population, gave a slogan ' one or none' policy and implemented it strictly.  An industrious country Japan also took a policy of family planning and controlled its growing population.   

In Telugu states of United AndhraPradesh Mr.ChandraBabu Naidu, former Chief Minister and President TDP, once appealed people to be cautious in conceiving  more than two children.  But now on seeing the reports that the number of elderly people is growing in Japan and sees inadequate youth numbers the Government is worried and changed its policy. It encourages the youngsters to conceive more children which enables a growing young population in future. The Government brings a new work policy that is 4 days a week to work.  It advised the young people to spend some time with the elders and remaining time to spend on their own as they wish with their fiances.  Surprisingly from recent times Mr. Chandrababu Naidu also encouraged people to beget progeny as they wish without any limitations.  


But now India, the most populous state with a population larger than Brazil has announced draft legislation which would see any one with more than two children denied Government benefits such as subsidies and other facilities besides Government jobs. Also the Govt. announced incentives if one of the parents undergoes voluntary sterilisation after a family has two children. The sources in the Government said that this is a measure to control the growing population.  If it goes indiscriminately citizens could not be accessed  even with basic necessities and amenities, they said.

The north-eastren state of Assam which is also ruled by the BJP also announced similar measures to control population in their state. Another BJP ruled state Gujarat is also reported to be considering similar legislation. When the parliament sessions began this month several BJP leaders expected to introduce bills on the need for population control.


According to research in Uttar Pradesh it shows the birth rate is nearly halved between1993 and 2016 and continues to fall. It is significant that the states who are under BJP ruling only proposes this policy.  so many have questioned the necessity and motives of the proposed two child policy in Indian states. This move has been seen by many observers as politically motivated and a means to appeal to Hindu voters particularly in UP which is going for elections next year.  However changing often policy on progeny is being widely debated now across the country.

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