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Swara WebTV brings forward different programs in various categories to entertain and engage people of all ages from little masters of age 5 to literary  explorers of age 80, providing everyone with the latest happenings around in the world with a quick round up.

Some of our programs are
  • Dance with Swara, tap your feet to the bat of music with grace and rhythm.
  • Immigration FAQ’s, an insight into VISA and Immigration process.
  • Interviews, a chit chat with some of the prominent personalities.
  • Mata Manthi Mohana Ragam, a detailed overview of the current happenings around the world.
  • Patriotic Panorama, organized as part of 72nd Republic day celebrations of India for the ages 6 to 16.
  • Satya Sodhana, as part of our devotional treasure chest of Swara Vandana.
  • Swaraalapana, a musical journey of budding singers around the globe.
  • Swara Satkar, the award ceremonies of Swara Media.
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