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Until the Fat Lady Sings

– Anjana Bharathiraja

                      This year, along with November, comes more talk of the coming election. Every four years, one of the most powerful countries in the world elects its leader for the next four years. Especially important, considering the circumstances. This election had one of the most diverse fields of candidates in election history. There were young people, people from different races and sexualities, and many many different perspectives. It ends with two old, white men. Enter the President, Donald Trump, running for re-election, and Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee. Typically, at this point, the media would be pouring over the October Surprise for this election. And there has been no lack of October Surprises this year: the president's tax returns, his getting coronavirus, the surge in COVID cases, et cetera, but none seem to be enough to catch the people's eyes. There have been two presidential debates, but neither has swayed the opinion of many undecided voters. Polls show Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump, but it's hard to tell who might win as the president did win last time although Hillary Clinton was ahead of him in the polls. 

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                    Here is the best case for a President Joe Biden: He's running on the idea that he can work with the other party, that he can take America back in time before partisan gridlock. One example of when he did do this is back in 2009 when he convinced three Republicans to cross the line and vote with Democrats for the stimulus bill. He has repeatedly highlighted the fact that he can work across the aisle in his campaign. And, despite the idea of him being a moderate, Biden's policies are a lot more progressive than most. He supports free college, wants to triple the child tax credit, and stands for a fifteen dollar minimum wage. 

                    As for the President Donald Trump, unlike Joe Biden, he doesn't have too many firm policies. Instead, he wins votes by embodying the values of Republican voters and connecting with the people. His supporters are very committed to him and stand by him through and through. One of his plans was to build a border wall along the southern border which aligned with the preferences of many of his voters. 

                           There is a sharp contrast between the two candidates, but one thing is for sure, nothing is over until the fat lady sings on the inauguration day. 

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