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All the way from our home land we came here to the land of free and home of the brave. We made it a home away from home. But there are times In a situation or disaster arises that we can never fully prepared for, this is when we need a community and extended family, a support system when the unmanaged problem shows up TeamAid shows up for you. 

There are always people in good times but when the worst of times only closest and dearest are there for you. TeamAid is for people facing worst moments of their life’s like Accidents, Disasters and deaths.  For every NRI staying away from home TeamAid helps you deal with life <faling 0:43> situations by giving you support with in community, embassy, Airlines, Funeral homes & volunteers. TeamAid is the shoulder that helps you deal emotionally as well. This is done through sure passion and relentless dedication of people whose will & cause to the philanthropy and immense empathy. To every team member of TeamAid, founders & Volunteers this is a way in which to give back to the local community as well as home land. 

Team Aid was founded in 2017 on one fundamental principle: Helping people living abroad that need assistance after experiencing devastating circumstances.

In this global economy, many people choose to immigrate to a foreign country to seek better opportunities for themselves and their families. However, sometimes, tragedy strikes and people find themselves dealing with unforeseeable accidents, untimely deaths, natural disasters, or some other sort of upsetting event with no one to turn to.

Fortunately, Team Aid is here to help people living abroad during chaotic times to help individuals that experience unexpected tragedies, especially tragedies that they are unprepared to resolve on their own.

How We Can Help

Aiding in international crisis situations is a specialty that we would prefer was not required, but sadly terrible things do happen. Our assistance is necessary for family members that are facing the death of a loved one in another country, or another equally devastating circumstance that may prevent them from living out their dreams.

Our specialties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Providing monetary or financial assistance
  • Coordinating and dealing with governmental organizations or entities
  • Obtaining clearances
  • Providing supplies during emergencies
  • Sheltering those in need of a place to stay
  • Providing a listening ear and a caring demeanor

Case Study

To give you a better understanding of what Team Aid can do for you, we have compiled this case study about a certain incident. One of our members was involved in a drastic situation with a group in need. A car full of international students was involved in a motor vehicle accident involving an incapacitated driver.

Each student was from a different area, making it a very difficult ordeal for the university official to handle. Team Aid volunteers stepped in to be points-of-contact for each person. Our U.S. volunteers handled items with the university, the consulates, and law enforcement officials. We also had a contact at each student’s country of origin, helping grieving family and friends cope with the tragedy and dealing with logistics. Together, our team was able to have each student flown back to their homelands so that their friends and family could say their last good-byes and celebrate their lives.

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