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Lot of parents ask and look for information on the development stages in child’s Pre-k through college life. If we google it, we may get 10 million records on this topic and probably 3 million advices. After going through mentoring and coaching hundreds of children as well as parent, I can confidently put them into patterns for your understanding and subsequent actions.

Pre-K through 2nd grade

Kids are inquisitive and want to analyze just about everything. They try to process through the little brains and come back to you often with surprises. This stage, the biggest watch point – how quickly they can process the information. If you see the child not really getting the point even after few attempts, then parent need to really think about – motivation, concentration, and listening comprehension.

3rd through 5th grade

The most important observation is putting things into perspective. Kids love to bring creative ideas to parents, teachers and siblings through art, performances, solving problems, reading books etc.. This is the foundation of life stage where their reading comprehension, writing ability and attention to details just evolve. Parents watch it and enjoy.

6th through 8th grade

The continuation of establishing deep roots of learning through project work, presentations and analytical ability. The reading and writing skills just bring surprises to parents because they can now process like computers. Parents to watch and help them become more engaged and feed them food for thought with your surprise querying. The foundation from earlier stage is now helping to build the first floor.

Most painful situation for HS senior & junior year parents

Covid-19 is creating so much commotion to HS seniors who are already selected for good colleges. The students are now worried about the college on-time start, dorm life and overall fear about what happens to their first college year. This is forcing students to think about GAP year, why pay huge $$$ for an online learning in 2020-2021 etc… Sorry state to be in but parents, please make sure assuring students to stay on course and not to alter any crucial decisions.

For the HS juniors, the situation with postponement of SAT and cancellation of all extracurricular & summer activities is causing tremendous stress. I request parents not to discuss too much about it since there will be some considerations (hopeful) given to next college app process. In the meantime, try to find some online internship or volunteer opportunities if not let the students enroll in online summer course work (by either university or a private reputed platform). I will also compile some opportunity list and update you.

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