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 Social Media – A Boon or A Bane?

– Anjana Bharathiraja

                 Social media already played a significant role in our lives as humans of the 21st century, but social distancing has only increased its importance in our lives. But, is it such a wonderful thing? Sure, it bonds us through time and space, but it is disastrous to our health in several ways.

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              The dictionary defines social media as 'websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.' For example, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Now, these are great for keeping people connected, especially in this world, and entertaining ourselves. Not to mention, social media is also playing a vital role in obtaining news. But is it all that good?

                 For one, a lot of social media users happen to be teenagers, an age in which they are facile to influence. And social media doesn't do that any favors. It isn't too easy to control negative content on social media; neither is it easy to avoid cyber-bullying. A screen makes it easy to forget that you're talking to a real person. It makes bullying easier, and it ruins the human experience. While social media has become a sort of a necessity to stay in contact with people we cannot be with. But we also use social media to talk to people already in our lives, that we could instead talk to in real life.

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                 Security is also an issue when it comes to social media. Hacking, virus, privacy breaches are all extremely easy with social media. And nothing you ever post on social media can ever be deleted. Unwise decisions during your young years could follow you through the rest of your life. 

Addiction. Lower productivity levels. 

Back then, peer pressure and bullying remained in school, now it can follow you home.

With all of these problems, is social media really worth it?

Social media 1                  Well, here's the other side of things. Social media connects people through time and space. It can show you what your best friend on the other side of the world is doing. You can remain in someone's life long after you physically leave it. Your friends and family are all one call away. You can still see their posts and smile. Living hundreds of millions of miles away from people, you can still see their lives and appreciate them.

So, is social media worth it?

Social media, used in moderation, is incredible. But be careful, for if used too much, the effects can be disastrous.

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