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Revanth's win in his first move ..!

Many are ready to join Congress along with former MP Konda

Political equations in Telangana state are rapidly changing. The newly appointed TPCC Chief moves pawns carefully and strategically to strengthen Congress Party with an aim to bring its past glory. As part of this effort he is meeting all the senior leaders and convincing them to work for Congress.

On Tuesday some interesting developments were seen that Revanth met former Chevella MP Konda Visweswara Reddy at his residence.  After meeting with TPCC Chief Mr.Visweswara Reddy told the media that he will be joining congress very soon. The former MP resigned to the party after Nagarjuna Sagar bypoll is now made up his mind to return back to congress.  This is a big win for Revanth as TPCC Chief.  


On the other hand, erstwhile TDP and Congress leaders are now in TRS and BJP  looking toward Congress after Mr. Revanth Reddy's appointment as TPCC Chief. Revanth Reddy is also trying to bring back his old colleagues into Congress . Several leaders are ready to shift their places in view of their political future trying to Jump into congress. On Tuesday significant developments are seen with some  leaders of BJP and TRS meeting with TPCC Chief .

Mr. Yerra Sekhar and Mr. Gandra Satyanarayana who worked in  TDP along with Revanth when he was there met him today. Mr. Sekhar is now in BJP  and before that he worked as TDP MLA  from Jadcherla, in Mahaboobnagar district. Though he joined the BJP he was not accustomed  to the saffron party. Now after his meeting with Revanth, Sekhar announced  he is resigning  to the Dist BJP President post. Several bjp leaders  are also expected to join in congress along with Mr.Yerra Sekhar  Mr.Gandra Satyanarayana who presently in TRS also met TPCC Chief Gandra said to be uncomfort in TRS. He expressed confidence that the leadership of the Revanth congress would be strengthened. It is clear that these two leaders along with some others seem to join in Congress.

In another interesting development,  former Mayor of Nizamabad Dharmapuri Sanjay announced that he will be joining congress on an auspicious day in support of Revanth reddy. He also said for the sake of his father D. Srinivas he wrapped TRS shawl and commented that he realised early it is not a shawl but an axe and told  that it is not at all a political party compared with congress. No matter even his brother Arvind being  BJP MP, he added.

Mr.Revanth Reddy wants to  unite the leaders who were in limelight in Dr. YSR regime and shifted to other parties.  For this he is touring the districts and calling the leaders over phone requesting them to  join congress.

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