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Restoration of Ram Mandir – Ayodhya

“A life lived in fear is a life half lived,” this quotation best suits the way we led our lives in the year 2020.   As humans, we have our own goals to be reached and have hunger for security.  Year 2020 proved that life is full of uncertainties as global pandemic made the lives of people across the globe miserable, it made us go through a lot.During 2020, we Indians also went through a lot of crises like other countries and faced a lot of fears around deaths, health issues, financial crunches, and a lot more.

Probably one of the few good things that happened in 2020 was work initiation for restoration of Ram Temple in Rama Janmabhoomi, Ayodhya.Issues that revolve around the control of a site traditionally regarded among Hindus to be the birthplace of their deity, Rama, came to an end after the Supreme Court Verdict.  This temple holds with it a lot of emotions that are attached with Hindus across the globe, as Lord Ram is one of the widely worshiped Hindu deities.  

What Happened to the Original Ram Mandir (the birth place of Ram) at Ayodhya

There are palaces of queens, Sumithra and Keykeyi and King Dasharath in Ayodhya that we can see now also, but one palace was missing. It is the palace of queen Kaushalya who was mother of prince Ram, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is admired and worshiped by Hindus around the world.

Ayodhya also has a place called Kanak palace which was gifted to Janki, the wife of Rama as her nuptial gift. In this also, a temple exists. But no palace of Kaushalya is in sight now.

Approximately 492 years ago Babur, founder of Mughal empire, an invader from the West attacked India and stayed back in Delhi. He had a male consort slave, a boy aged 16 years who was named Babri which means ‘belonging to Babur.’  This boy died in one of the battles. The commander of Babur namely Meer Baki attacked Ayodhya and demolished the Ram Temple in Kaushalya Palace, and built a mosque like structure on demolished building, named it after a slave i.e. Babri, and left.

The building was definitely not a mosque as it did not have a place to wazu (a mandatory ritual for a Muslim before preparation for any holy task). Worshippers of Ram started doing prayers outside in courtyard. Many bloody wars ensued from time to time for Ram Mandir.  But in 1857, Hindus and Muslims decided to maintain communal harmony and made a pact to pray within the temple-mosque site in two demarcated portions, but the disputes for the ownership of the place continued. 

Chapter 4 - sequence of events | sabrangindia

On December 6, 1992, revengeful violent situations took place in Ayodhya, and this issue went to the Supreme Court of India.  After a very long waiting time, Supreme Court of India heard the title dispute cases and on November 9, 2019, announced its verdict and vacated the previous decision, ordered the land to be handed over to a trust to build the Hindu temple.  It also ordered the government to give an alternate five-acre tract of land to the Uttar Pradesh Sunni Central Waqf Board to build the mosque.  The Supreme Court has given this decision based on the evidence given by The Archaeological Survey of India.  During excavation of the site, they found remains of a temple.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, laid down the foundation stone of a Ram Temple at the site in Ayodhya on August 5, 2020.

Pm modi lays foundation stone for ram temple at ayodhya - daijiworld. Com

Wait of centuries is now over, and a grand temple will now be built for our Lord who had been staying outside his house for decades. 


A trust Before initiation of the crowdfunding campaign, the Ram Temple Trust, has estimated to receiveapproximately Rs. 1100 crores for the building.  Surprisingly, The Trust has received almost double the expected funds and ended up with a massive collection of R. 2100 crores that include bricks, gold, and silver.People from all sections generously contributed their donations including people from remote villages fading all religious barriers just to see Ram lalla in his birthplace.

Preparation of ram mandir bhumi pujan in ayodhya complete before pm modi visit 1o points - pm modi will lay foundation stone of ram janma bhoomi temple in ayodhya today, read 10

The Ram Mandir will be almost double the size of what was originally planned, with five domes instead of two to accommodate more number of devotees.  The temple will have a tower over the sanctum sanctorum. The expected height of the temple is 161 feet tall and the width of the stairs will be 16 feet. 

Ram Mandir is likely to be completed in the next three years.  Hopefully with Lord Ram’s blessings, we will restore the glory of sacred Ayodhya back and will get rid of the pandemic recession, soaring infection rates, and fears of death.  Jai Sree Ram!!

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