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RAMA – The Embodiment of Dharma – A COMPLETE MAN

Coming Wednesday (April 21) is Sri Rama Navami, birthday of Lord Sri Rama. Sri Rama Navami is celebrated with traditional joyousness in most parts of our country, India. Let us all know that Rama has significance not only for religious purposes but the way he led his life and his ideologies taught various lessons to mankind that we have been learning for centuries.

Today’s generation must know the strong values that spin around Lord Rama. Lord Rama is the mirror of Hindu values and not of Hinduism.Today’s young generations must try to remember and follow these values.  So, it is high time that every Hindu household starts repeatedly reciting the most favoured Hindu epic, Ramayana to know and learn the values and path that are laid by Lord Rama. Today’s modern families must learn solidarity from Rama’s life that helps every family to overcome loneliness and grief.His life also teaches kids how to be a perfect child that one dreams to have, a friendly and approachable sibling, ideal husband, and above all an ideal and selfless leader.  To sum up, he epitomized adherence to dharma, which finally led to victory of good over evil.  Lord Rama taught us never to compromise with our ideologies.

Today when the fact that dharma, which is the religious and moral law, is the main essence that is missing in today’s society, the only way to bring all these back into our society is to begin differentiating between right and wrong.  Ramayana teaches a child how to stand up for his/her sibling; it teaches how to respect parents; how to lead a life with perfection without deviating our path from dharma.

Rama and Ramayana need no introduction, so we will try to learn some of the inspiring facts from Lord Rama’s life, and also learn that nothing is insurmountable if one is determined enough.


For thousands of years, Lord Rama is considered to be an idealistic son who obeyed each and every order of his parents.

As promised to Sage Vishwamithra, Rama along with his brother Lakshmana, were sent by Dasharatha to kill demoness Thataka with her children Maricha and Subahu, who were disturbing the fire rituals and attacking the sages in the forest.  Both Rama and Lakshmana, at a very young age of 13 years, without showing any sign of fear slayed the demons.  Rama never said no to his father out of fear, he took King Dasharatha’s order very seriously.

During the Coronation ceremony, King Dasharatha decided to crown Rama, everyone in the kingdom of Ayodhya was happy with the news except queen Kaikeyi.  She asked Dasharatha to send Rama away from Ayodhya into the forests for a period of fourteen years and make her son Bharatha the next king of Ayodhya.Rama willingly accepted the order of his father without the blink of an eye, so that his father wouldn’t have to go back on his promise given to Kaikeyi.  Rama leaves to exile with Seeta and Lakshmana.  Rama, even after the death of his father, decides not to go back to Ayodhya till the completion of 14 years, as promised to his father.  In spite of facing so much hardship in the forest, he never thought of going back to Ayodhya and lead a royal life.  Thus, Rama epitomizes the absolute devoted son, who can sacrifice anything for his parents.  His magnificent and obedient natural soul, as a responsible elder son, doubled the respect for him.


The four brothers Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha, and Shatrugna were very close to each other.  All four had unconditional love and respect for each other.  Lakshmana, Bharatha, and Shatrugna had immense respect for Rama.  They never liked to listen even a single word against Rama.  Sri Rama was like a teacher and guided his younger brothers throughout.  Being elder, he always laid a path of dharma for them, and his principles, deeds, and ideologies were all followed by them.Especially, Lakshmana and Bharatha had selfless love and devotion for Rama.  It is said that Lakshmana did not sleep during Rama’s exile of 14 years, and stayed awake to ensure the safety of Rama and Seeta.

On the other hand, when Rama refuses to dishonour his father’s promise, Bharatha, as a bhaktha(devotee) and servant to Rama and his path, stands on the point that in the Ikshvaku dynasty, kingdom should be ruled by the eldest son and places Rama’s footwear on the royal seat of Ayodhya until Rama returns from exile.

भगवान श्री राम के सबसे प्रिय भाई भरत | shuddh sanatan

Rama also showed the same kind of affection on Hanuman like he showed for his brothers.  As a friend, Hanuman helped Rama to build a bridge across the seas and reach Lanka.  Rama granted his friend and bhakth Hanuman a boon of immortality before departing from earth.


Rama’s love for Seeta is so pure and infinite that he had taken an oath to always be loyal only and only to her (ekapathnivrath), alike other kings who were in polygamous marriages.  He respected her choice of joining him in the forest during his exile.  He always gave her equal authority in decision making. Rama tried to convince her not to sacrifice her comforts for his sake, but she accompanied him to forest and he respected her decision to fulfil her duty to him as a wife. 

Rama sita lakshmana hanuman (page 1) - line. 17qq. Com

He was deeply upset when Seeta was abducted by Ravana, Rama had not lost hope and decided to conquer Ravana and rescue her from Lanka.  After peace proposals that were sent to Ravana via Hanuman failed, Rama and his allies attacked Lanka, defeated Ravana and brought Seetha back.  Rama, with the help of Hanuman and Vanaras, built a bridge to Lanka to cross the sea and reached Lanka, this shows his love and respect for Seetha which never stopped, not even through all these hardships.  He taught all of us how to be bound to our relationship in an impeccable manner – by the rules of dharma or in a law-abiding path.

Leadership lessons from lord rama | #glocalizedhr


Lord Rama always proved that he possessed all qualities of a true leader.  Principally, his leadership attributions offer many lessons for contemporary society.In many universities today, Lord Rama’s qualities are taughtas lessons in management, political science, and sociology.Ridiculously, these concepts are not practiced in a wide range as they should have been.

Some qualities that today’s generation must adopt from Rama to be a good leader are:

1.  Selflessness:  A leader should be like him who is strong enough to forego personal interests to support the right values and common interests.

2.  Empathy:  it is a lesson from Rama’s life that a leader must be compassionate enough and possess love towards his followers.

3.   Sagacity:  He was not an egoist leader like the present-day leaders, and would put common interests above all.

4.  Fearlessness:  He was courageous enough who always fought for the right cause.It was also proved when he fought with the enraged Vali and defeated him who enslaved Sugreev’s wife.

5.  Righteousness:  His humbleness, dignified nature (Maryaada Purushotham), wisdom, and righteousness were seen in all his deeds.  Lord Hanuman became Rama’s Bhakta only for these qualities.

An enormous level of impeccable control of Rama over his feelings and emotions has been the signatory characteristic that always makes all of us feel so divine about him.

He is a true leader who never forced his followers to take his path, he only inspired them to follow his qualities and gave them full freedom, and was a true democrat.  Studying Ramayana is an easier way to learn leadership in a better way than attending training seminars and workshops.

Lastly, in today’s world, where disputes between siblings for power and properties take a commonplace, where divorce rates are drastically inclining, and where it is difficult to find a leader who is selfless, Ramayana needs to be glorified in a large range so that people start realizing the values faithfully.  Rama Avatar was nothing short of a challenge, as he experienced all the hardships despite being a man of great principles, but all the inspiring characters in Ramayana never deviated from the path of dharma.

Since centuries, his life and the Epic continue to inspire millions of people across the globe and will continue to inspire to choose the right path.  Let us all continue to follow Lord Rama’s path in terms of showing what value of a character means, what it is to love and respect our parents, showing the value of a promise made, being a good sibling, a dedicated friend, and on top of all a very good leader, and bring the glory of Rama Rajya back.

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