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Cropped swara radio 1                         Entertainment & Music Along with for  Targeted Listeners who are interested in Hit music. Swara Radio app is not just a medium to play music, it’s a platform to exchange emotions. Remember the days, when we used to start our days with ‘Rangoli’ and end them with ‘Chitrahaar’, we often say those were the days…!
                     Swara Radio connects us all with the soul of voice. We have curated dedicated playlists for every mood and occasion. From spiritual mornings to romantic nights and soothing afternoons to jazzy evenings. We have covered them all for you.
                      Download the Swara App now and listen to our carefully designed playlists. Swara Radio app is IndoWestern mobile radio platform is not just a medium to play music It’s a platform to exchange emotions operating from California.


The vision of Swara Radio is to provide a world class listening platform to everyone, connecting the people all over the world with a diversity among a range of voices and perspectives. We wish to inform, inspire, involve and build communities, with our voice in every corner of the world to deliver our best by our passion and care with love to bond relations between people.
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