Film Production

We are a multi-award-winning Film Production Company having expertise in producing Web Series, Documentaries, Short Films, Music Videos, Ad-Films, TV Commercials, Corporate Videos, Promotional Films (targeted for Social Media), Trailers/Teasers and Feature Films in various languages/genres.

The fact that our Ad-Films, Documentaries, and Social Short Films have won awards and accolades in 312 International Film Festivals (across the world) may be a testimony to our capabilities, but it’s our obsession with quality, value-for-money products and client satisfaction that drives us to go further. We strongly believe in the principle: ‘Our works should speak for us.’ We have got Pan India.

Our Services

Film Production

We believe: 'It's not the persistence of vision, but a 'vision of persistence' which creates

Screenwriting/lyrics Writing

We provides professional screenwriting/script supervising/Lyrics writing services for all kinds of projects.

Subtitling/ Captioning

Do you know that Subtitles and Captions are NOT the same ? By definition,

Concept/Story Research

You have a great concept/real story which you think can be made
into a film/web

Content Syndication/Distribution

OTT is the latest and THE biggest revolution in the field of Digital Content

Add Making

Have a thought of making an Add for your product / service don't worry we are there for you .

Upcoming Projects

Currently, we are working on our first feature project, written by our CEO RAJ YAKKALI who will also be directing the film. The story of this film is based in the USA. The project will be made primarily in Washington Dialect (of English language) and will be dubbed in Telugu as well as other regional languages.

Additionally, we have a long line-up of exciting projects. Some of them are feature films. Some are Feature Documentaries and a few of them are Web Series. Sounds amazing?

These films are based on our belief system and experience of making ‘Local Content with Global Appeal’. And we believe there can’t be a better time to explore content creation in the Digital Space. After all, it’s the era of the OTT revolution.

Independent content (in all regional languages) is going global. Not just in the form of Awards/Recognition, but also through their release on National/International OTT Platforms. And if you are planning to produce/co-produce any such content, undoubtedly you are on THE Right Track…at THE Right Time. As we know, the game has just begun.

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