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PM Modi suggests to Rahul Gandhi –

A way to prepare and face elections!

The newly reshuffled cabinet of young blood with a view to face coming elections especially in the key state Uttar pradesh discarding the seniors like Ravishankara Prasad, Prakash Javdekar, Dr. Harshavardhan etc. who played an important role in the late Vajapayee and L.K. Advani legacy. In one word, they all resigned for their posts. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inducted new faces who do not have administrative experience and are not politically heavy weight. Though they seem light weight politically, certainly they are capable of managing things to tilt the results positive towards the party where they are in their respective states in the elections.

PM Modi, BJP and its guiding force carefully spinned social engineering with 47 SC,ST,OBC faces. Undoubtedly, caste equations and political goals are behind this strategy. It seems the BJP under the leadership of PM Modi is turning the party towards other social sections also to come out of the opinion that BJP belongs to 'Brahmin baniya party' in Atal and Advani regime. With all this exercise by elders of RSS and BJP was successful in sending a message that the sections are respected, but it may not be possible to escape from the anti-incumbency. 

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Meanwhile, with the reorganisation of the Union cabinet Mr.Modi suggests Congress how to prepare and face elections.  PM Modi boldly discarded the seniors when the congress is struggling to get rid of age old seniors. But one thing to be noted is BJP leaders never threaten the high command whereas Congress seniors challenge the leadership often everywhere. There were incidents too when top leader of the party Rahul Gandhi was trying to change this trend to fill the party with youngsters and social engineering.

With their attitude Jyotiraditya Scindia in Madhya Pradesh, Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan were angrily prepared to jump. When Scindia changed his loyalty, congress high command woke up and appeased Pilot and retained him with them. Nearly 23 seniors like Gulam Nabi Ajad, Kapil  Sibal have written a letter cautioning the High Command not to attempt to set aside the seniors. Many such examples with seniors becoming hurdles to run the show as aspired by Rahul Gandhi and so he remained in 'touch me not' position and not actively participating in the party activities.  

As per observers, now with the bold step taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi by 'alvida' (farewell) to senior leaders suggests congress leader Rahul Gandhi how to tackle the electioneering and what needs to be taken for the sake of larger interests of a political party.

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