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              Contrary to the myth of a self-absorbed generation that we are perceived as, Gen Z emerges as the embodiment of revolt.

              The people who have to shape the next few decades – Generation Z – are now teenagers and young adults. Wherever we are in the world, we all collectively face a heavy burden. It is falling onto us to find solutions to problems that our parents and grandparents have been unable to solve or the ones they’ve curated like growing inequality, the ongoing refugee crisis, the battle of race, and the relative substandard provision of education in many developing countries. While these may still be easier to solve, the impending doom of existential threat, climate change, is one that will kick gen z right in our face. The funny thing is that the millennials will benefit from understanding and adapting to the gen z culture, as it would mean the addressal of all the problems they once bottled up, as gen z is more open and inclusive. 

                 If these risks are to be averted, the current generation of young people will be the ones to do it. They will not be able to do it without a concern for the world that goes beyond their family, their neighborhood, and their community. Inevitably, it gives us the right to be passive-aggressive towards the older generations, for putting us in a position like this. Even if that is excusable, the century is ruled by millennial enthusiasts, who thrive on values from the century past while completely misunderstanding our mere existence and conveyance of opinions. Ironically, a generation that was taught to stay silent around injustice expects a generation born out of rebellion to behave the same way! It is regressive to think that in a constant age of progressive information that we conform to ideas of what used to be – since it’s no longer relevant.  

               It’s no news that parental generation is most dissatisfied by Gen Z, and it makes complete sense. 

1. Because we’re the most carefree, free-spirited set of young adults who stand up for ourselves and for others. 

2. Our parents are in this constant churning time cycle of how we are and who we are supposed to be. We can’t demand them to be as open-minded as we are, as they belong to a different time. 

To expect them to be okay with and understand everything we do is a little too much, but that does not mean they get a free pass in not learning and trying for us. 

              To say that we are more chained than free is something I bet every 2000s kid would agree. Changing times require changing mindsets. It’s not surprising that we don’t exactly co-exist with our elders and their conflicting interests. At home, we grow with millennial values while we’re hit with a whirlwind of Gen Z information supposed to conform to, in order to get accepted in the universe of the digital world. Rapid change has been a constant for us, and currently, living through an ongoing pandemic doesn’t make things easier. Are we the disengaged teenagers lost in our smart phones and our immediate social network with no thoughts beyond?  

               In reality, we are smart, informed citizens of the world with just the qualities needed to address the most pressing problems. We are more tolerant than most, not preoccupied merely with our immediate family and friends. 

              We’re making a contribution to society in a slightly different way than what was known. After all, we are from the age of Speed light technology. While being a Gen Z individual might look like a badge of honor in the eyes of millennial, it is the weight of their own expectations that pull us down. 

            Gen Z is kind until given a reason not to be, and lack patience for anyone rude, entitled, or promotes inequality. Despite our depleting attention spans, “We will respect you, as long as you don’t disrespect other’s existence.” 

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