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Pegasus shocking waves,

 creates chaos in Indian Politics!

The most talked about Pegasus Spyware has struck once again by leaking the phone numbers of nearly 300 Indians including top politicians, entrepreneurs, and forty journalists who work for various media firms, a report in 'The Wire' exposed. This issue stalled the first day of business in the parliament. 

Pegasus attack creates chaos in indian politics

It has been widely reported that around thirteen iPhones and nine Android devices were reportedly examined for hacking while nine Apple and one Android were found to be compromised. Also, there are prominent politicians including Rahul Gandhi, Abhik Benarjee (nephew of Mamatha Benarjee), ADR founder Jagdeep Chokhar, Prasanth Kishore (strategist) and surprisingly the list witnessed the name of IT Minister Mr. Vyshnav.  But all the names seem unsuspectable. 


The story tells that the phones belonging to Rahul Gandhi and his five friends were hacked one and a half years before the general elections. The Spy virus sneaked into Mr. Prasanth Kishore's phone during West Bengal elections. These are proved in Amnesty Lab forensic test report and is not a surprise. Also there are rumors that this spyware has helped to assess the performance, loyalty of some politicians for giving berths. However, Pegasus has been in force for 3-4 years, 'The Wire' magazine's summary of the story stated.  


Though the report in 'The Wire' is undoubtedly sensational but the time and context raised many doubts on being heard that is the mal-intention of opposition parties. There is no credibility for BJP leaders' plea of a big ploy of international media organizations' network behind this propaganda. 

There may be some political angle in criticism of opposition; their plea and pain is undeniable. They also know well that this kind of vigilance if in force cannot be forwarded and survived. But at the same time the government flays opposition pleas and the report of 'The Wire'. The government criticises that there is a big ploy to malign the Indian democracy, and to defame the systems, also alleged that Amnesty international has an anti-India agenda.   


But the Pegasus reiterates that it sells the spyware to the governments for the sake of superlative aims only. This plea is common from the company whenever such reports are published. 

Finally, it is the responsibility of the government to prove that it does not indulge in any act of breach of trust upon privacy, respect and freedom of the countrymen. It is the need of the hour on the part of the government to clarify with adequate evidence and explanations on its innocence and transparency.

Pegasus mobile

The Pegasus spyware is created by NSO Group based in Israel. 

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