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Our Mission

Swara Media aims to facilitate and strengthen the cultural inflows and outflows between Indian and the west. We believe that multiple modalities in disseminating the information is indispensable in reaching every nook and corner, and so, we fuel this bond by delivering diversified edutainment via Swara radio, Swara web TV, Swara Podcasts, Swara Music and Swara Magazine.

Our vision

 We envisage that through affirmative content, we could do our bit in uniting people, which contributes to our peace and harmony.To pursue our vision, it is essential that we need to touch several layers of the society. That being so, it is imperative that we need to let the information flow around social, cultural, political, educational, financial, medical, and entertainment topics. At the same time, we particularly strive to positively build women’s status in the society, not to mention inspiring children. Swara media is grounded in ethical values which would enhance readers’ reliability and credibility. We will put forward the best practices to drive core values in sync with the spirit of millennials. 
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