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                     MERCILESS MONDAY

The 20 soldiers who lost their lives in the clash with Chinese troops in Galwan Valley of Ladakh on Monday night (June 15) belonged to six different units of the Army, including three infantry battalions and two artillery regiments. All jawans belong to the states of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and West Bengal. Swara Media salutes the martyrs of Mother India.

                                         Brave Hearts

1. Commanding Officer Colonel B Santosh Babu, Suryapet, Telangana: 

Commanding officer colonel b santosh babu. Jpg

“My son had been transferred to Hyderabad but could not join us immediately because of the nationwide lockdown. He had told us that he would be with us soon. But we lost him. He was too young to die but what makes me proud is that he died fighting the enemy’’, said Upender, father of Colonel Santosh Babu. “I, in fact, wanted to become a soldier. My dreams came true when my son joined the Army”, Upender said.

2. Naib Subedar Satnam Singh, Gurdaspur, Punjab:Naib subedar satnam singh. Jpg 

Forty two-year-old soldier returned to Ladakh just a month ago. He last talked to his family members on Monday (June 15), but they don’t know that was his last call. Satnam Singh’s younger brother Sukhchain Singh, who is also in the Army, said if he gets the chance he will avenge the deaths of the Indian soldiers.

3. Naib Naib subedar mandeep singh. JpgSubedar Mandeep Singh, Patiala, Punjab: 

Thirty nine-year-old soldier had returned to the frontlines only two weeks ago only after being on leave for a month. The sole bread winner in his family leaves his wife Gurdeep Kaur, and two children – 17-year-old Mehakpreet and Jobanpreet (12) – and 65-year-old mother Shakuntala and an aunt behind. mother Shakuntla, Gurdeep Kaur said she had talked to him just a few days back.

4. Naib Subedar Nanduram Soren, Mayurbhanj, Odisha:Naib subedar nanduram soren. Jpg 

The martyr left behind his wife Laxmi Soren and three school-going daughters Gyaneswari, Manasi and Sonali, They reside in a rented house Rairangpur town.

5. Havildar K Palani, Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu:

Havildar k palani. JpgForty-year-old soldier who joined the armed forces at the age of 18, planned to retire from the army next year. He built own house at Kazhugoorani in Ramanathapurma taluk, with a loan amount of about Rs 17 lakhs. Palani last visited his family in the month of January. It was only on June 3, his family finally moved in to their house, where he was unable to attend the house warming ceremony.

6. Havildar Sunil Kumar, Patna, Bihar:Havildar sunil kumar. Jpg

Thirty four-year-old Sunil used to motivate his village youths and school children to join Army. “He used to tell youngsters that serving Army is the best job. If martyred, it will bring name and glory”, said Krishna Kumar, his neighbour. His elder Anil Kumar also retired from Army ten years back.

7. Havildar Bipul Roy, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh: 

Havildar bipul roy. Jpg

Thirty four-year-old Havildar from Bindipara in West Bengal, visited his native place for the last time in December. Bipul had been posted at Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. Two years ago, he took his wife Rumpa and their seven-year-old daughter Tamanna to Meerut. It was about a month ago that he was shifted to Ladakh.

8. Naik Deepak Kumar, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh:Naik deepak kumar. Jpg 

Thirty-year-old, a Naik posted in Ladakh told his grandmother on phone a few days ago that he will come down home after the coronavirus-induced lockdown ends, He did not know that, that will be his last conversation with his family. But after the lockdown ended, his family members got the news of his martyrdom He had got married just seven months ago.

9. Sepoy Chandan Kumar, Bhojpur, Bihar:

Sepoy chandan kumar. Jpg

Twenty four-year-old Sepoy’s three elder brothers are also in the Army. His marriage was to solemnized in April but it was put off due to the lock down.

10. Sepoy Aman Kumar, Samastipur, Bihar:Sepoy aman kumar. Jpg

Twenty seven-year-old Aman joined Army in 2015. He was married last year.

11. Sepoy Jai Kishor Singh, Vaishali, Bihar:

Sepoy jai kishor singh. Jpg

Before leaving for the border in March, 22-year-old Jai Kishor Singh told his family that he will not be able to contact them due to poor network connectivity.

12. Sepoy Kundan Kumar, Saharsa, Bihar:Sepoy kundan kumara. Jpg 

“My son sacrificed his life for the nation. I have two grandsons, I will send them to the Army, too”, said Nimendra Yadav, father of Sepoy Kundan Kumar. The martyr’s wife said that she spoke to him on June 9 and wanted revenge for his death.

13. Sepoy Ganesh Ram Kunjam, Kanker, Chhattisgarh: 

Sepoy ganesh ram kunjam. JpgTwenty seven-year-old Army jawan had finalised his marriage during his last home visit and planned to solemnise it next year. Ganesh had come home on leave in February-March this year during which his marriage was fixed with a girl of a village in Kanker. Just in the month of May, he called his uncle Tiharu Kunjam and said, ‘mai kahi dusri posting me ja raha hu chacha (uncle, I am being posted to some other place’). His uncle never thought that, that is going to beh his last conversation with Ganesh.

Sepoy ankush thakur. Jpg

14. Sepoy Ankush Thakur, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh: 

Twenty one-year-old Ankush was always passionate about the joining the army. He had enrolled in a BSc course in college,  but quit studies to join the army in 2018. His father Anil Thakur and grandfather had also served in the Army. His younger brother is studying in Class VI.

15. Sepoy Ganesh Hansda, East Singhbhum, Jharkhand:

Sepoy ganesh hansda. Jpg

Twenty two-year-old Sepoy was the sole bread-earner of his family of daily wagers, who worked in fields and took up MGNREGA work to ensure that Ganesh received education. “We don’t know how this darkness will be cleared,” said his elder brother Dinesh Handsa.

16. Sepoy Kundan Kumar Ojha, Sahibganj, Jharkhand:Sepoy kundan kumar ojha. Jpg 

Twenty eight-year-old soldier blessed with a daughter just 17 days ago, had promised his mother Bhawani Devi over the phone that he would be home as soon as he got leave from duty. “‘Abhi to Ladakh mein banni, aur chhuti mili taab betiki dekhe aai’ (I am in Ladakh now, will come as soon as I get leave),” were his final few words.

Sepoy chandrakant pradhan. Jpg
17. Sepoy Chandrakant Pradhan, Kandhamal, Odisha: 

Chandrakant fondly called Ashok, was a good volleyball player and even in Ladakh, he used to play the game, said his school teacher Minaketan Pradhan. “On May 27, Chandrakant called me and enquired about our well being. He said he was not well and there was a possibility of war with China. He even asked us to look after his parents if anything happened to him”, said Alima, a relative of the martyr.

Sepoy gurbinder singh. Jpg

18. Sepoy Gurbinder Singh, Sangrur, Punjab: 

Twenty two-year-old got engaged, when he came home last year. His family members had plans for his marriage this year when he was to return home on leave.

Sepoy gurtej singh. Jpg

19. Sepoy Gurtej Singh, Mansa, Punjab:

Twenty three-year-old jawan never got to meet his new sister-in-law. His elder brother got married only about twenty days ago and during his last conversation with his family over the phone, Gurtej had promised that he will come soon to meet his new sister-in-law.

20. Sepoy Rajesh Orang, Birbhum, West Bengal: 

Sepoy rajesh orang. Jpg

His mother Mamata was hoping to get him married when he came back on a holiday next, who was in his early 20s. Mamata said that from his childhood Rajesh wanted to serve the country and happy to be in the army.

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