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The human body is a self-healing machine. Any infections or wounds are healed through a biological process called inflammation. Inflammation is a complex biological response of a body to harmful stimuli such as pathogens. The word inflammation comes from the Latin inflammation meaning set on fire, It’s a protective attempt by the human system to remove all threatening agents as well as starting your healing process.

If you can imagine the fight between Gods and Rakshasas (bad guys) as a fight between white blood cells and pathogens, The white blood cells are always on alert for the pathogens. Your human system protects you against pathogens and facilitates the rebuilding of tissue at sites of injury or surgery. The white blood cells rush to the site and cruise throughout the tissues of your body like the gods always patrolling. The white blood cells release a shower of free radicals also called Oxidation burst that aid in the destruction of invading microorganisms and damaged tissue. These free radicals are electron lovers; they strip the electrons away from the pathogens or damaged tissues. This activity kills the bad microorganisms and breaks down the damaged cells. In this process of healing, excess free radicals are produced during the immune response or neutralized by antioxidants or free electrons in the body. This process is natural for the human body and is called “Inflammatory Response.” In short, inflammation is nothing but electron deficiency. Next time if you have swelling, redness, heat, or pain you know it is due to inflammation.

List of Health Effects due to Inflammation:

Alzheimer’s – Inflamed brain tissues develop plaque; chronic inflammation disease kills brain cells.

Allergies – Inflammatory messengers stimulate the release of histamine, leading to allergic reactions.

Anemia – Inflammatory messengers attack red blood cell production.

Arthritis – Chronic inflammation destroys joint cartilage and inhibits the release of lubricating and cushioning fluid in the joints.

Asthma -Inflammation leads to blocking of the bronchial passages.

Autism – Brain inflammation is present in most autistic children.

Cancer – Inflammation contributes to free radicals, tumor growth, and inhibits the body’s defense against abnormal cells.

Heart – Inflammation causes thick and unhealthy blood, and arterial disease, leading to blockage, plaque, and increased risk of dangerous clots in the blood vessels.

Diabetes – Types 1 & 2 diabetes, inflammation induces the immune system to destroy pancreatic beta cells.

One needs inflammation, it’s a very normal and natural process of a human healing system to fight against pathogens. But what kind of inflammation one wants? Acute inflammation is the process of mobilizing the yellow color liquid component of blood, the plasma, and the white blood cells into the endured tissue. Prolonged or chronic inflammation is the progressive activity happening at the site of inflammation. It’s a combination of healing and destructive processes at the same time. This self-healing natural process has a negative side effect, a set of electrons

will be left out nowhere to go, these left-out electrons are called free radicals. These free radicals need to get out of the system or else it starts eating good cells. This process, if it is prolonged, is called chronic inflammation. No matter what, these free radicals need to exit from the system or else the system is in trouble.

Is this inflammation the cause of every disease, is there a simple cure for this, is there research being done to fix this problem. Sure we have medications available but is there a natural cure for this? If we have a serious problem, we have advanced medical solutions to fix this human system but does one have to go to the hospital for a normal fever or cough or swelling or redness in the skin? Nowadays, the doctors are recommending meditation or deep diaphragmatic breathing as preventive medicine and a nutrition plan when you are outpatient at the hospital. The journey of a self into himself leads the human race into a vast knowledge of exploring about oneself and that very journey of a person leads us to Shusruta Samhita, an Encyclopedia of Ayurveda.

Does Ayurveda have simple solutions which everyone can follow for this very cause of diseases? Inflammation. Stay tuned to swara magazine for further articles.

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