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                    Swara magazine is a Indo Western publications, which is printed & electronically published, always aims to deliver social, culture, health, political, education, technology, finance, entertainment, reviews, films and many other topics covering all sections of men, women, youth and children. Swara Infotainments will drive immense values, reliability and credibility. We will put forward the best practices to drive core values, culture and relevance in sync with spirit of Millennials.

                 I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the readership of this magazine. I take this opportunity to thank our authors and the entire team. All of them have contributed to making this dream of publishing this magazine a reality.
                 If you think that releasing this magazine in a COVID world may seem like a big step, I would agree with you, but I firmly believe it is essential. As we face this period of crisis, the magazine will act as a sign of the times and represent the new normal we live in and celebrate our new and modern ways of living and working.

First issue of swara magazine
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