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Swara assures our esteemed readers to provide valued, consistent, and trustworthy content for every Swara fortnight edition that will be published on 15th of every month from this Ugadi 2021, with a new energy to revitalize all the Swara Philomaths.Swara Magazine now makes its way to all new fortnight edition of Swara that engages its readers into arts, culture, and spirituality by instilling the essence of healthy lifestyle and wellness through yoga, Ayurveda, meditation along with regular news, entertainment, and sports updates. We wish to continue our association further in this journey to share the valuable and enriched content to our esteemed readers worldwide.We thank each and every contributor of our first anniversary for their outstanding support and confidence they had with Swara all through the year and a special thanks to our esteemed readers for their encouragement all through these tough times. Let us take you through the next steps as there are many exciting challenges for us ahead with a fortnight edition in a more exciting way for every 15 days on 1st and 15th of every month.
Swara april fortnight 2021
Rama, a complete man, the embodiment of dharma

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