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Former APCC Chief to wrap YSRCP shawl shortly?

Mr.Raghuveera Reddy, Congress state President of united Andhra Pradesh is  a well known congressman  who is distant from politics for a few years now figured in debate again. He is a senior politician and has good relations with all the leaders who are in the limelight now in politics. His erstwhile colleagues in Congress are now in YSRCP and some are enjoying their positions in the party.

After 2014 elections congress is declining to almost zero level in both the telugu states. Mr.Raghuveera also away from politics since his defeat in 2014, and 2019 elections from Penukonda and Kalyanadurgam respectively. Since then he focused on agriculture and spirituality and leading a peaceful life. He renovated two temples in his native village and participated in spiritual programmes more often.  With his spiritual activities many doubted that he looked toward the saffron BJP party, but he did not respond to such buzz.


Meanwhile, It is now reliably learnt that his old friends who are now in YSRCP  came into touch with Raghuveera and advised him to join them. Mr. Raghuveera is a close friend of YSRCP MLAs Mr. Anantha Venkatarami Reddy and Mr. Tippe Swamy. Moreover in the last assembly elections he helped Mr.Thippeswamy for his win in Madakasira constituency and was also supportive in local body elections. It is reportedly said that Mr.Anantha and Mr. Swamy met with the former APCC President and invited him to join YSRCP. It is also learnt that senior Minister Botsa Satyanaraya also came into touch with Raghuveera and had a little chit chat on politics.

Political sources feel as per the suggestion of YSRCP  high command only Minister Botsa entered the scene.   It is also heard in party circles that YSRCP  Supremo and Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy are also in favour and are said to have assured appropriate honour and justification to Mr. Raghuveera. Mr.Raghuveera has been a senior  MLA from 1989 except his defeat in 3 elections in 1994, 2014 and 2019.

It is to be noted here that Mr. Raghuveera never trained his guns seriously on Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy while he was APCC president. But in the changed scenario Raghuveera is expected to wrap YSRCP shawl in a short time. But let us watch what would happen.

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