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Ear piercings has become one of the trendy things that today’s youth has been following. Ear piercing centres are also increasing with increase in demand for piercing in youth.

Piercing of the ear has advanced so much that people have started getting pierced at different places of the earlobe.

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Ear piercing can be done at different places on the ear lobe and depending on the place of piercing on the earlobe, they are named like Daith piercing, conch piercing, tragus piercing, industrial piercing, and rook piercing are some followed by today’s young generation girls and boys.  An average individual can get more than twenty different places of ear pierced.


Ear piercing dates back to about centuries ago, and carries both spiritual and cultural significance.  Spiritually in early periods, some communities believed that ear piercing stops evil spirits to possess humans that enter through the ears.

Apart from Asian countries, this has also been evidenced by the holes found on Tutankhamun’s mummy, which says us that it was followed as a custom in Egypt during ancient times.

Samburu is an African dynasty where fighters are made to pierce their ears and put on earplugs to signify that they have become men and are brave.

In European countries, ear piercing was done as a significance for men who worked in the King’s court.


There are plenitude of customs that are followed in Indian tradition and culture.  During ancient times, saints and learned people have practiced few traditions that can have a positive impact on both our mind and body.Ear piercing is one ritual that is deeply related to Hinduism that has both scientific as well as religious relevance. 

Ear piercing or ‘Karna Vedha’ is one of the sixteen ceremonies (Shodhasa Samskara) that a person undergoes in his or her life between his or her birth to death.

Irrespective of their caste and gender, people performed Karna Vedha as it has a lot of advantages, and performed in each and every Hindu family.  People get initiation of ear-piercing for children as a ceremony after offering prayers to the deities.  For boy child, it is done first in the right ear and girls on left ear first, as the path of masculinity is right and for femininity it is left.

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For some communities, it is very important to get the ears pierced as it is believed to be improving spirituality and focus.

Harmansinghk350 on twitter: "the science behind ear piercing - karnavedha, or the ear-piercing ceremony, is a hindu tradition that is being followed since ages. Know more: https://t. Co/rgfok7loey… https://t. Co/nvjncf8pyj"

HEALTH BENEFITS:  There are many health benefits that one can get through ear piercing that are scientifically proven.  Some of the benefits are:

  • It is believed that ear piercing done at an early age can open inner ears, which facilitates to receive sounds clearly.
  • Piercing on the meridian point, that is present on the ear lobes, activates brain as it connects the two hemispheres of brain that can lead to proper brain development.
  • It is done on the central part of ear, which plays a crucial role in our reproductive health that is why it is compulsory in some communities.
  • It can improve eyesight, also the acupressure points that are present on the ear lobe can improves hearing.
  • It can help prevent disorders like anxiety, nervousness, and OCD.
  • In women, it can regulate the menstrual cycle.

Lastly, Karna Vedha is not just a ritual, it has scholarly purposes as well that is beneficial health wise also.  Nowadays, without knowing the benefits also, the youth is benefitting from ear piercing as it has become a fashion trend across the globe.

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