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Dan Gutman’s ‘Genius Files’ Series

-Anjana Bharathiraja 

Happy summer, Book Nerds! 

                Summertime is one of the most awaited breaks of the school year. So, hold tight, we’re almost there, or, for some of us, we’re already there! Even though we all wait for summer break almost all school year, sometimes we find ourselves bored.      Dg slide genius final       So, to ensure your entertainment, pick up the Genius Files series by Dan Gutman. It's a five-part series following twins, Coke and Pepsi McDonald on a road trip from San Francisco, California to Washington D.C. They stop at museums about duct tape and vacuum cleaners, the world’s largest ball yarn, the Donner Party Memorial, and so much more. The already exciting road trip is going to be even crazier because guess what? This entire time, the twins will be decoding secret messages, being pursued by murderous lunatics, and being Young American Geniuses. They’ll get thrown into a pit in the desert and left to die, thrown into a vat of spam, nearly be frozen to death in an ice cream van, a stampede in a wild riot, boiled alive in a basket of fries, and phew! The worst part? When they try to tell their parents, they assume the twins are joking. The series has twist after turn, taking you in for a roller coaster of a ride. 

             We start the series finding out Coke and Pepsi McDonald are geniuses and part of the program, The Genius Files. The twins are told that the founder of the Genius Files, Dr. Herman Warsaw, witnessed 9/11 himself. He was right there, and that's when he realized that if the very important job of running the country was left to ignorant adults, we were doomed. Dr. Warsaw strung together the brightest of the brilliant kids in the country and started the Genius Files. There was only one small problem, he'd gone crazy. Not just crazy, absolutely completely wack-a-too. Seriously. His genius idea had left out one thing, kids aren't easy to work with. Once he figured this out, he abandoned the Genius Files and went on a hunt to kill every single genius in America. He located most of them with ease, but Coke and Pepsi? They're taking a trip across the country to their Aunt Julie's wedding. 

        Dan gutmans genius files childrens series paperback book            The writing. It’s amazing. You almost speak with the narrator when you’re reading this book. It’s full of tidbits of information about the randomest things. I read this book about a year ago, and I still remember the small bits of information. This book can take you to the other side of the country, or world, in a heartbeat. It’s written with amazing segues, making it easy for you to picture the next thing happening in your head. There’s no possible way for me to perfectly explain the writing, but it’s filled with directions to follow the McDonald’s on their trip across the country. You could put it on and listen to it while road-tripping across the country yourself! This series is full of promises made. Promises of the kids jumping off a cliff, promises of the kids being fried up, promises of nearly anything that would kill Coke and Pepsi.

If you want to have an adventure this summer, the Genius Files are what you’re looking for! 

About the Reviewer:

1620927667623              Anjana Bharathiraja is a twelve-year-old girl, who started blogging when she was eight. According to her, she’s crazy about books and writing. When she is free, she always takes a book and reads it – whether it's an already-read book or a new one. “I get so excited when I receive a new book and open it immediately and impatiently,” she says.

She blogs regularly on http://anjournals.blogspot.com/.

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