Children can be protected from 3rd wave, No worry : Dr. G.V.Ramana Rao

Children can be protected from 3rd wave, No worry : Dr. G.V.Ramana Rao

Though the Corona Virus is not well defined yet it has left a scar on our minds and several researches revealed the long-term effects of Covid on different age groups.  As we all  have been passing through first and second waves of corona, experts predict another wave may also come and this will affect children mostly. Experts from ICMR, AIIMS and other prestigious institutions warns us to be careful to safeguard the children.

Dr.G.V.Ramana Rao, the Director of Emergency Medicine Learning Center and Research at the 108 GVK Emergency Management Research Institute in Hyderabad. He has mentored and trained over 260,000 professionals, doctors, nurses, EMTs/paramedics and first responders etc. Dr Rao has authored over 50 national and international publications and is an invited speaker to several international and national conferences.Dr RamanaRao, who was the Guest of Honor for the special online event  organized by ‘Janaranjani’ and aired on Radio by Swara Media, shared his valuable inputs and discussed about the impact of Covid especially on children besides the measures to be taken to fight against the invisible demon.

Not just 3rd wave.. plan for 3rd Dose too’ is the advice of several experts as they witnessed a number of infected cases even in vaccinated people, Dr. Ramana Rao said adding booster dose is essential rather than waiting for the third wave.  Also he stated this wave could happen around the end of August but it is not inevitable. Even if it hits , it can be avoided. Dr. Rao predicted that the 3rd wave may not be as serious as the first and second waves.

Dr. Ramana Rao explained the  reasons for re-infections-

  •  The immunity that people developed through the natural infection or vaccine fade away making people vulnerable to re-infection.
  • The emergence of a new mutant which is capable of escaping the immunity.

He explained further – ‘Those who are strong mentally, physically and spiritually can successfully fight against this virus.  Their systematic way of life like body exercise, worshiping God will help them to be healthy in mind and body. With such practices one can develop a coping mechanism but preparedness is most important.’  

Impact on Children and Safety Measures:

As far as the fears of 3rd wave effect on children Dr. Ramana Rao suggested  no need to be worried that much. Because children have strong innate immune responses and less frequent risk factors such as comorbidities, smoking and diabetes like in elders.

Also there  is no hurry to get the child to the hospital with asymptomatic and mild infection like cough, light temperature for a few hours or one day.  Instead of giving  cough suppressants and other medicines, it is better to give them honey instead of drugs, he suggested.

 But sometimes children feel towards MIS-C (Multi inflammatory syndrome-Children) which is something serious even deadly but most children diagnosed with this condition have gotten better with medical care, citing examples Dr. Ramana Rao said.

When the child is unable to speak a full sentence correctly, when the child’s pulse oximeter rating is less, and respiratory rate is high then only the child can be taken to hospital, Dr. Rao advised.

Generally mothers are the best doctors. But,


  • If she is tested positive and the child is negative , she can take care of her child in case no other child care options are available and the mother is not too sick or hospitalized.

  • When a child is tested positive and their parents are tested negative, then parents can take care of their child. But while doing so they must continue to take the best possible sanitisation measures.

  •  Wearing a double mask properly, wearing personal protective equipment including gloves etc for their own protection is essential.  

  • Avoid leaving children with confirmed or suspected covid with their grandparents as elderly people are at very high risk.

  • Avoid children’s exposure to crowds.

  • Even if any guest comes, advise children to play in another room. After the guest leaves, open the windows, clean the areas touched .

  • For elders and children, avoid shaking hands and practicing namaste is advisable.

“Overall, following Covid appropriate Protocol is a must to  protect our children”,  DR. Ramana Rao explained.


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