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Changes in your behavior

– Kiran Pilla

Some of the adjustments in your communication will reap tons of benefits and also create wealth of opportunity in the form of good association.

I had several small sessions in the past with selective group of individuals and everyone came back with a word of appreciation that these simple but effective tips helped so much in their both personal and professional life.

•    When you meet a person in both personal and professional world (depending on the person’s mood) ask about his or her family, pets or whereabouts. This simple get to know with reciprocation will establish a good starting point for relationship. Often times, we shy away and only focus on the job done.

•    When someone sends a good e-mail, acknowledge and respond back with your feedback or viewpoints with appreciation that he or she spent some time to communicate to you. I heard so many times, people develop wrong opinion on you that you never respond so you do not care. But that’s not the case that you remained quiet and absorbed the message.

•    When you conduct a meeting establish an agenda before the meeting and stick with the agenda throughout. This way, you will get tremendous appreciation that you value others time. This also provides ample opportunity for teams to come and attend their portion and be prepared for inputs.

•    When you want to express a concern or anguish on a particular person’s act, please try to communicate to him or her separately instead of expressing anguish in group emails. With this type of out pour, 95% of the time you come out as aggressor even though you are suffering on the other end.

Hope these tips help you too..

Work smart while working hard

Instead of working so hard putting so many man hours into your work, start thinking in the lines of how effectively your bubble-up your value in the organization. I see lot of hard-working individuals limit their communication to internal teams, narrow focused by technology, and stay too much focused on the task instead of opening up multiple channels of opportunities.

Here is how you can make yourself a better professional.

Always try to add something that is a benefit for your weekly status reports

For example: You worked on an upgrade and when you send status, write what value this upgrade brings to the organization – software licensing cost went down by 20%, vulnerability exposure reduces by 10%, reduced ticked count by 32 tickets which is 30% savings resulting in 200 man hour savings…

Keep management well informed

Always bring issues or risks to the management ahead of time whether they like it or not. Do not keep the information and resent to the leadership at the last minute. When presenting issues or risks, always present remediation or suggested action plan. Be honest when talking to leadership and always come upfront that you are also part of the problem instead of start pointing at others.

Stay tuned…more updates later

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