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Single positive thought can trigger a lifestyle change, Thine thought is precious. Ayurveda is the core intelligence behind that thought only if perceived.

  • Ayurveda gave us food combinations long back, but what we learnt from it is void. Our pride that we are far more intelligent than our ancients is challenged every now and then. We might not stand responsible for the mess we created in this environment but we do stand responsible for our own families and the choices of food we make.
  • Poor quality foods eaten at the right time does less damage than good foods eaten at the wrong time. – Dr. Jack Tips
  • Does one’s knowledge confine you to think that combination of egg, bread & milk is for breakfast, well the truth is it's the worst combination ever.

Our ancients might not have the intelligence of travelling to stars or the planets but in deed they
travelled far deeper into themselves “The Higher Self” they call, from that intelligence of life or the intellect emerged Ayurveda. Science has already proven that our ancients were right, it's just that we cannot see it yet.

Ayurveda gives a remarkable insight into the importance of food combinations, certain foods are compatible while others are not according to their rasa (taste), virya (energy) and vipaka
(positive-digestive effect). The incompatible types could result in indigestion and release of toxins. A banana milk shake is of prime example. Milk does not combine well with banana, yogurt or any sour fruits like lemon or citrus. Banana or yogurt has sour taste and sour vipaka whereas milk has sweet taste and sweet vipaka. Banana and milk taken together produce toxins and cause fermentation in the colon as well as sinus congestion, cold, cough and allergies.

Another ancient rule is not to mix fruits and nuts, Fruits are easily digested within an hour,
whereas nuts require up to six hours to digest. If we eat fruit and grains together, some of the
enzymes are washed away with the fruits resulting in the grains receiving insufficient enzymes to be fully digested resulting in release of toxins.

There are more rules defined in Ayurveda, the food combinations given could just be
overwhelming and raise a question of why we weren't taught what food is right to eat in our
education. The good news is it's not just you, most of us are on the same boat. In fact, the 5 years
course of MBBS has only 7 hours of nutrition sessions in it. This is how the world is designed and
we just have to accept it. Here are a few combinations you should NOT eat suggested in

Don't Eat:



Fruit, Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, Eggs, Fish, Meat


Fruit, Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, Meat, Fish, Beans


Any other food


Bananas, Cherries, Melons, Bread, Yogurt,
Meat, Fish

Now Let us see what Dr. Jack Tips, PHD an Applied Clinical Nutritionist who is well known
around the world for his ground breaking work in the natural health field and his effective methods of health restoration has to say about the human body pH.

Human Body pH
If Call a nutritionist the very first suggestion he would give is not to mix any protein with starch.
But why ? Lets first know how a human body is designed.

What is pH?

pH in the Latin terms is called pondus hydrogenii (quantity of hydrogen) or potentia hydrogenii
(power of hydrogen). Simply hydrogen ion concentration in a solution. The pH is a logarithmic
scale that runs from 1 to 14, with 7 in the middle denoting a neutral state. Any reading below 7
means an acid condition; anything above 7 is indicative of an alkaline condition. pH scale is based on multiplicity of 10 which means a pH of 8 is 10 times more than pH of 7, and pH of 9 is 100 times more than pH of 7.

When your body pH is right then everything works well, if your pH is not right then nothing works
well. pH is of vital importance to the human body.

Here is an example: Meat requires an enzyme called “pepsin” which only works in acid medium if our stomach or food is alkaline then pepsin cannot digest the meat. Milk which has a pH of 7.2 if consumed along with or after eating chicken, partial digestion of meat will be initiated but
digesting milk at alkaline will take over leaving the undigested meat into the intestinal tract. There is an age old rule in a few religions to avoid milk and meat, don’t you see why religions restricted this combination. Next time you go drive through at Mc D, think of what combinations are you going to get.

Separating proteins and carbohydrates is basic food combining taught by many leading
nutritionists, They find that the digestion of protein and digestion of carbohydrates are
physiologically separate and conflicting. Proteins are digested in acid medium and carbohydrates
are digested in alkaline, combining these two will impair digestion of others.

When starch like bread is eaten, the digestive system sends forth alkaline gastric juices such as
amylase which is more efficient at a pH of 7.1 -7.2. When proteins like egg or chicken are eaten
acid gastric juices at pH of 3 is released. When a combination of any starch with protein is eaten
the digestive system cancels out each other resulting in release of toxins.

Symptoms when pH fluctuates:

When your pH is too Acidic, symptoms range and not limited to as follows : Anxiety, Diarrhea,
Dilated pupils, Headaches, High blood pressure, Hyperactivity, Hypersexuality, Insomnia,
Nervousness, Rapid heartbeat Restless legs, Shortness of breath.

pH when alkaline could get you into : Constipation Cold, ,hard to arise from bed, Headaches,
Indigestion, Leg cramps, Low blood pressure, Paleness, Slow pulse, Sluggishness.
Let's leave the topic of pH and how one can test their pH at home for the next articles, for now
don't you see what science has already proven.

If you don’t see anything connected it is indeed time for you NOT to suppress your cravings for a
burger or nuggets with chocolate milk, go for it. But If you do see a pattern why our ancients made
food choices as a part of tradition, it is time for you to know more about Ayurveda and its
importance to develop human intelligence to a whole different level no one has imagined till now.

The improvements in medical technology which can replace a human organ like heart is the
biggest achievement our doctors made possible, that very doctor will refer you to a nutritionist at outpatient or when you are about to discharge from the hospital who suggests you the right food combinations.

If you decide to make some lifestyle changes, then you will eventually know that's a big mistake.
You will fall back into the same pattern you are in now. The only way to make your very thought
stronger is by gaining knowledge about Ayurveda, just deep dive into it.

Stay tuned for next articles to know more insights on Ayurveda. Thank you !

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