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A world full of Pesticides & GMO foods we live in, time has proven we lost a lifetime.

  • We are trapped in a cycle I call the “chemical death spiral.” The majority of research funding is being spent on the quest for miracle cures rather than preventing disease. – Maria Rodale
  • Exposure to arsenic causes cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, reproductive and  developmental defects. It is still used extensively in farming as a pesticide.
  • Antibiotics are fed to livestock to promote growth, farmers can just go to their local farm stores to buy a 50-pound bag of antibiotics without a prescription.

What makes you think you get good quality meat is your very ignorance. Dr. Landrigan MD, MSc a pediatrician and epidemiologist is concerned about the widespread use of antibiotics in raising animals for human consumption. Animals raised in those conditions frequently suffer from stress-related infections, so they are routinely treated with antibiotics as a “preventive” measure. 

Even worse, antibiotics are fed to livestock to promote growth. Even the FDA is calling for a ban using antibiotics. Can you imagine keeping your children on antibiotics to keep them healthy.

Arsenic causes cancer. Arsenic, Aldicarb are found in drinking water samples in Canada, 31.3% of samples taken in Long Island, New York, USA had sources of Aldicarb reported by the World Health Organization, ampled groundwater from 243 wells across the north western Indian state of Rajasthan, India’s largest state by area, two major water bodies for Hyderabad water supply found traces of arsenic.

Believe it or not, arsenic is still used today—even in chicken feed! It’s used to promote growth, kill parasites, and ”improve pigmentation of chicken meat,” even though arsenic is strongly linked to many types of cancer and diabetes. In 1999, 318,000 pounds of arsenic were used in California alone.

Ayurveda talks about bija (seed or gene). A gene is composed of Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth that help to create unique species. Each species has its own unique genes, Genetic engineering mixes these genes from different species. In Ayurveda this is called     jija samskara, this affects the genetic level and may give rise to unrelated structures within the body. The crossing of other species genes with human genes can affect the molecular elements of human cells which gives rise
to cancer or autoimmune dysfunctions. The genes of every species form a unique constitution called prakruti (the shakti of shiva), but if we mix different constitutions it becomes a doshic imbalance called vikruti. Vikruti is the root of all diseases.

Warren Porter, PhD, a zoology and environmental toxicology professor at University of Wisconsin, points to recent scientific findings and concludes that not only are we threatening our own children’s fertility, but low level exposures could also pose threats to our immune, hormonal, and neurological systems. What is really scary is that the genetic expression changes may be becoming hereditary. Chemicals that already caused genetic expression changes in rats include Vinoclozolin, common fungicide used on grapes and bisphenol A found in plastic baby bottles and toys.

Dr. Warren Porter, despite threats from chemical companies, published a study showing Aldicarb, an insecticide commonly applied on citrus, cotton, potatoes, and watermelon crops and added to irrigation water, is a powerful immune suppressant, meaning the body loses the ability to fight off diseases.

Ayurveda was a gift to the world by ancient India. We think we are the smartest on the planet without a clue of what is happening around us. It all gets to one point of discussion, how committed are you to learn about Ayurveda and bring a change in your lifestyle.

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