Swara Veena Satkar

Swara media presents ‘Swara Veena Satkar,’ to recognise the most renowned personalities in the categories of artistry, music, culture, and literacy on the festive day of Vasantha Panchami with the honorary title ‘Swara Hitha Sree.’

Swara Media awarded numerous honourable individuals who excelled in their various areas of excellence in the year 2021. We feel privileged to have such accomplished people on our platform.

Swara Rising Star Awards 2021

Swara Rising Star awards are the awards given as encouragement and honour, conferred to the kids with noteworthy achievements in various categories.

Swara Media has taken the privilege of announcing the “Swara Rising Star Awards 2021”, for the second-anniversary celebrations event – intended to honour talented kids for their outstanding achievements in various categories of arts, culture, technology, sports, Seva, literature etc.

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