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ATT, a boon to low budget movies


At the time when well known director Ram Gopal Varma started announcing release of his movies like Climax, Naked and Power Star on a new platform ATT(Any Time Theatre) with Pay per View concept, most of the bigwigs in the Telugu film Industry (Tollywood) has showed less interest about the new concept. They are busy in promoting their own Over The Top (OTT) platform by releasing new movies and web series. With the response RGV’s movies or short films especially to Power Star received from netizens aka movie buffs, now everyone related to Tollywood want to take their share of pie from ATT by investing their creativity and money in making movies. 

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As there is no sign opening single screen theatres and multiplexes in near future with the rapid raise of COVID-19 cases in Telugu states, the ATT is going to become a helping hand to producers of the low budget movies. Before COVID-19, it’s a herculean task to them in getting a theatre or a screen in multiplexes to release their movies.

The OTT players like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video almost closed their doors to low budget movies. By considering this, the producers have been moving towards the ATT platform.
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According to the ATT players, they will release at least one movie on every Friday. If the movie with good content was well received by the viewers in the first three days that is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the producer may get some part from his investment. 

At present Telugu players on ATT like RGV World Theatre, Shreyas ET, Bhimavaram Talkies carrying their activities in a rapid pace. If everything is in right track, it is believed that well known digital provider UFO also making efforts to launch its ATT platform anywhere in the month of August. If the talk going on in the ATT circles is right, big player in the entertainment sector Jio also trying to test its water on the ATT. Likewise ATT platforms from Telugu Producers Council, well known producer Dil Raju also on pipeline.

We may read more good news to the low budget movie makers on the ATT in the same space in near future.

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