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Swara Digital Platforms, which includes Radio, Web TV, and Magazine, serves as the parent company of Aamee Global Inc. Our goal is to provide comprehensive international infotainment to connect users all over the globe. We believe in bringing the latest developments from various perspectives, and we achieve this through engaging talk shows, expert panel discussions, and live debates. Our aim is to create a platform that promotes cultural exchange and encourages dialogue among people from different walks of life. With our diverse range of programming, we strive to offer our audience a well-rounded and informative experience.
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To pursue our vision, it is essential that we need to touch several layers of society. That being so, it is imperative that we spread the word about social, cultural, political, educational, financial, medical, and entertainment topics.

At the same time, we particularly strive to positively build women’s status in society, not to mention inspiring children. Swara media is grounded in ethical values which would enhance readers’ reliability and credibility. We will put forward best practices to drive core values in sync with the spirit of millennials.


‘Smart’ is the new normal in the current art of technology. Voice commands and robots are becoming part of our lives. This does not mean that we need to part ways with our cherished modes of education and entertainment. We often hear people being nostalgic as they retrospect their days of listening to the radio.

Listening without any visual distraction in no way can be underrated in developing distinct perception and imagination. Swara Radio App plays Indo-Western music, and hosts talk shows and live events.

We have curated dedicated playlists for every mood and occasion—from spiritual mornings to soothing afternoons to jazzy evenings. Download the Swara App now and listen to our carefully designed playlists.


Swara Web Channel broadcasts celebrity interviews, cultural celebrations, news, and discussions—all under one roof. Through live streaming and recorded videos, we aspire to reach audiences across the country.

Veterans from the industry and seasoned professionals from various fields would be brought on board to deliver authentic content that adds value to our patrons’ endeavours.

We are glad to announce that we are launching an OTT platform by August 2020


Swara magazine is an e-magazine published periodically. On a wide range of subjects, perspectives on and analysis of the current issues would enrich the knowledge. With financial advice from financial strategists, we aim to deepen the understanding of our readers. Medical and lifestyle advice would continuously alert the readers to the potential dangers.

The most important of all is inspiring children, especially budding writers, employing motivating them to pen their experiences on several subjects. We attempt to leave a lasting impression on their reading experience through authenticity and visually appealing content..

Swara digital magazines can reach readers on a global scale. We are confident that they will become a powerfully engaging way to keep a reader’s interest while maintaining loyalty, even when readers have moved to another location.


Swara Studios is a first-of-its-kind Indo-American film production unit that will start operations very soon.

Swara Studios and Psyoptic studios together are launching the “Silver Screen Film Festival” @ SFO.

Due to the COVID situation, we have postponed the event. Further details would be announced soon.

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